I had made blood magick with a crow. I had found my witching way. And it felt so good. Now I must finish my spell, and become a true witch, like my mother, like my sister.

Fifteen-year old Eveline witnesses the slaying of her mother at the hands of witch hunters, and vows revenge, but she must keep her young sister, Dill, safe in an England blasted by civil war, hysteria and dread.

But a storm is coming, bringing darkness and death. And in the final reckoning, the lust for blood and retribution will consume all, even the very bonds of sisterhood.

When the sisters are betrayed, Evey, desperate and angry, battles to find Dill before she is brought before the Witch Trials and a certain hanging before the mob.

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A book filled with enchantment, in every sense. Dark, exciting and pacy, Witch brilliantly balances magic and realism’

ANTHONY MCGOWAN, Author of Clip Carnegie Medal Winner, Lark

I felt its dark jewelled cloak fall about my shoulders and magic me to the time of witch-craft. A story that captures sibling rivalry so perfectly and tells its tale so beautifully I didn’t want it to finish.

JASBINDER BILAN, Author of the Costa-Winning Asha and the Spirit Bird

 Witch grips you in its spell from first page to last. It’s a stunningly written story of loss and love, of eerie magic, high adventure, and the ties that keep us strong in darkness and bring us safely home. As fierce, beautiful and thrilling as a bird of prey in flight.

JONATHAN STROUD, Author of the Lockwood & Co.

Bold, original, powerful story-telling. This story of fierce love, anger and revenge, war and witch hunts, is tense and bloody and compelling.

JULIA GREEN, author of The House of Light

 I couldn’t stop reading this 5-star story for teens, full of witchcraft, revenge and the power of women.

MEL DARBON, author of ‘Rosie Loves Jack

 Witch is a rare thing, a book both brilliant and original, as strange and dark as it is beautiful. A tale of revenge set in war-ravaged landscape, ruled by fear and superstition; of redemption and love between two sisters; of the corrupting power of ‘magick.’ All this. And more besides.

CHRIS VICK, author of Girl.Boy.Sea.

I loved it. I loved how atmospheric it was, I loved the fierce loyalty of Evey and Dill, I loved how I could smell the weather on every page.

EMMA KENNEDY, author of the Wilma Tenderfoot series.

Raw, mystical and beautifully told, Witch is the story of a young woman’s self-discovery in a hostile world. A striking debut.

KIRSTY APPLEBAUM, author of The Middler .

An assured debut of sisterhood and fury.

FIONA NOBLE, The Bookseller.

From the first page, my heart was hooked by this dark and twisty tale of old magic, love and revenge. The story thunders like a force of nature.

JULIE PIKE, author of The Last Spell Breather