A book filled with enchantment, in every sense. Dark, exciting and pacy, Witch brilliantly balances magic and realism — Anthony McGowan, author of Carnegie-winning Lark

On the day of his dad’s funeral, Sam finds a strange stone which he senses has supernatural power. But that is just the beginning.

Stowed in his pocket, the stone increases Sam’s strength and speed at a single touch. And he starts seeing things: two girls dancing, a lone figure on a hilltop summoning ravens, walking with wolves… and his dad too. Could this small stone really help bring back his dad?

Grappling with grief, guilt and an array of untested, otherworldly abilities, Sam’s life feels too crowded – as lies, threats and his lightning temper cause chaos. How can he cope with the turmoil in his head and all around him?

An engrossing story of fathers and sons, death and grief, and unexpected bonds, new and old, forged by dark and benign magic.

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